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you’re always chasing after deer, oh my dear…

5 Dec

i’ve been listening to midlake lately. a lot, actually. i just think there’s something very magical about the trials of van occupanther around this time of the year. for me, it’s an essential album during the fall and winter months, one that makes me want to set off on an adventure or set up camp in the woods. it’s like comfort food for my ears. every single song is just really lovely and warm and enveloping.

i especially love the song ‘chasing after deer.’ it’s so pretty and terribly sad all at once. it made me want to take photos of my small (but growing) vintage ceramic deer collection.

i’ve been keeping an eye out for fawns for months and i’ve finally amassed a little family of woodland creatures. i’d love to find a pair of brass deer statues at a thrift store or an estate sale.

my aunt was in town over thanksgiving and we spent the better part of two days visiting every thrift store in the area. she spotted this pretty deer and bought it for me and i love it.

i’ve been checking in at my local thrift more than normal in hopes of scoring vintage christmas wares. i bought a bag of mismatched ornaments and bits and bobs for an elf head and much to my delight, i also found this little guy. he’s not ceramic, but he’s flocked, which is perhaps even better. perfect for my little collection.


365 :: july 31, 2010

5 Aug

july 31, 2010. today was the first saturday i’ve had off in what seems like ages and i was determined to spend the day hitting up those elusive estate and garage sales my friend is always snagging awesome vintage wares at. it was a major win day for all involved. among other cool things, i scored a cosco cart from 1962. a little shabby, yes, but easily fixed.

did i say easily? most of it was pretty easy, but that top tray? with the old sticker paper covering gaping rust stains? not so easily fixed. after literally hours of scrubbing, i finally got everything cleaned up and keith and i set up a spray paint station in his backyard (he was refurbishing one of his many cosco carts). i chose a sweet pea pink for my makeover and it turned out pretty perfect and i’m totally in love. i’ll have a good “after” shot soon – i had to leave the cart at keith’s to finish drying properly. it will be perfect for storing and showing off my silver-rimmed vintage bar set, which, of course, means it’s time for a cocktail party!

thrift love thursday :: 07.01.2010

1 Jul

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

when i found this great chrome knapp monach therm-a-jug one gallon thermos, i reached for the handle and my hand stuck to it. it was in pretty grim shape: layers of grime, an unknown sticky substance, and years of garage dust. but for only $1.99, i recognized its potential and rolled up my sleeves for a bit of hard scrubbing.

do you know of the awesome power of magic erasers? if not, please buy one toute suite. they’re like… uh, magic (for lack of a better word), especially on vintage items with aged stains. scrubbing with a magic eraser is crazy satisfying. it took a few rounds, but eventually, the chrome was gleaming on this 1950s thermos.


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thrift love thursday :: 06.17.2010

17 Jun

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i’ve been having quite a few tender and loving feelings toward vintage planters lately. those feelings were reinforced with this face.

gah, who could resist this sweetie? i spotted him on a cluttered shelf at thrift world of dallas last week and my heart instantly melted. he looks so jolly and sweet, but a bit mischevious, as well, which is just how all little boys should look.

i was lucky to get this vintage planter for only $1.99; i’m pretty should i would have paid much more if required, though.

his little face is so reminiscent of emily martin’s work and, at the same time, humpty dumpty. i love him so.


i’ve also lucked out at a few estate sales.

i had no idea what this was when i first spotted it in a jumble box, but i liked the shape and color, so i grabbed it. it turned out to be a 1950s slide previewer for color slides.

i have absolutely no slides to view, but it sits atop a bookshelf looking aerodynamic and retro.

see you next week!

*washi tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel


6 Jun

i’ve been meaning to get this vintage embroidery piece hung on my wall for a few months, but i definitely did not want a boring brown frame.

after much indecision, i chose an apple green for the frame. i’m still not sure if i totally heart it (too much green? should i have gone with pink? or blue?), but i like it for now. i actually might take some stain wax and age it a bit. on the other hand, i like how it is a bit fresh and vibrant against the older canvas. see with the indecision?

i’ve also been meaning to share my grandmother’s vintage embroidered hand towels. they aren’t in the best shape (they have impenetrable stains – believe me, i’ve tried), but i love their handmade charm. and i love that my grandmother stitched them way back when.

thrifty finds (mostly)

21 Apr

here are some vintage and thrifty finds that are making me particularly happy right now

highball glasses, tray, and pitcher :: estate sale

i love the tarnished silver. it reminds me of the art deco period and 1920s hollywood.

crystal decanters :: estate sale

i am in love with the starburst design on the right decanter.

small orange tray/bowl & orange and gold rimmed glasses :: local thrift store

orange and gold should always be together.

i don’t smoke, but this ashtray was a “if you buy everything else, i’ll throw in this ashtray…” deal :: estate sale

big. time. swoon. for this kodak brownie hawkeye camera :: estate sale

vintage polaroid sx-70 land camera (x2!) :: estate sale

(and, yes, i am also quite besotted with my paint-by-number bird girl)

365 :: january 31, 2010

1 Feb

january 31, 2010. i received an alarming number of phone calls yesterday regarding this sofa. half were in favor of me purchasing said couch (spotted at a garage sale in the historic district of a nearby city); the other half thought i would find it hideous. when i finally saw it in person, i had to agree with the former. now, my apartment isn’t tiny per se, but there is certainly not enough room for two couches. what’s in my apartment right now? two couches. there is no way in this universe that this sofa and i should not be together. the only problem? about a eight tons of dust and the subtle stench of geriatric living.