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knee-hugging love

8 Dec

my first official vintage knee-hugging elf! this, of course, deserves a post of its own.


*thrift store rant – why, oh why, do thrift stores place their packaging tape across the best bits of vintage goods? i got a vintage christmas record with great songs and an awesome cover, but there is packing tape all across the front and i know that when i get the courage to take it off, there will be massive paper-tearing. boo!*


thrift love thursday :: 08.05.2010

5 Aug

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

after spotting vintage thermos collections on both a beautiful mess and smile and wave, i started to have a new appreciation for the keepers of hot & cold. i’ve been keeping an eye out for all types of thermoses in all my thrifty spots and, trust me, once you start to look for them, thermoses start to pop up everywhere.

i really love the old metal thermoses most (top picture – how awesome is the orange one? swoon!), but there are some really cute plastic thermoses from the 1970s out there, as well. i’m on the hunt for pristine condition plaid metal thermoses. it would be swell if i could find one with a matching plaid bag, as well. one can dream… or buy a set on etsy.

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* tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel

thrift love thursday :: 07.15.2010

15 Jul

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i went to an estate sale a few weeks ago and, among other very cool finds, i spotted a small collection of salt & pepepr shakers. these irreverently humorous nuns crack me up – i had to get them. in my mind they are singing how do you solve a problem like maria?. love.

there was also a set of circus elephants in the salt & pepper shaker offerings at the estate sale. i like sad eyes and the elephant in blue has them in abundance, so they came home with me, as well.

i did a bit of research on the manufacturers, napco and palmar, respectively, and it would seem that these cute sets are probably from the 1940s or 1950s. i love to think about the people who owned thrifted items before me: did they receive it as a gift? did they use it everyday or keep it in a display cabinet? did they have a good sense of humor? i think if they owned either of these two, they must have been pretty hip.

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thrift love thursday :: 07.01.2010

1 Jul

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

when i found this great chrome knapp monach therm-a-jug one gallon thermos, i reached for the handle and my hand stuck to it. it was in pretty grim shape: layers of grime, an unknown sticky substance, and years of garage dust. but for only $1.99, i recognized its potential and rolled up my sleeves for a bit of hard scrubbing.

do you know of the awesome power of magic erasers? if not, please buy one toute suite. they’re like… uh, magic (for lack of a better word), especially on vintage items with aged stains. scrubbing with a magic eraser is crazy satisfying. it took a few rounds, but eventually, the chrome was gleaming on this 1950s thermos.


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thrift love thursday :: 06.17.2010

17 Jun

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i’ve been having quite a few tender and loving feelings toward vintage planters lately. those feelings were reinforced with this face.

gah, who could resist this sweetie? i spotted him on a cluttered shelf at thrift world of dallas last week and my heart instantly melted. he looks so jolly and sweet, but a bit mischevious, as well, which is just how all little boys should look.

i was lucky to get this vintage planter for only $1.99; i’m pretty should i would have paid much more if required, though.

his little face is so reminiscent of emily martin’s work and, at the same time, humpty dumpty. i love him so.


i’ve also lucked out at a few estate sales.

i had no idea what this was when i first spotted it in a jumble box, but i liked the shape and color, so i grabbed it. it turned out to be a 1950s slide previewer for color slides.

i have absolutely no slides to view, but it sits atop a bookshelf looking aerodynamic and retro.

see you next week!

*washi tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel

thrifty finds (mostly)

21 Apr

here are some vintage and thrifty finds that are making me particularly happy right now

highball glasses, tray, and pitcher :: estate sale

i love the tarnished silver. it reminds me of the art deco period and 1920s hollywood.

crystal decanters :: estate sale

i am in love with the starburst design on the right decanter.

small orange tray/bowl & orange and gold rimmed glasses :: local thrift store

orange and gold should always be together.

i don’t smoke, but this ashtray was a “if you buy everything else, i’ll throw in this ashtray…” deal :: estate sale

big. time. swoon. for this kodak brownie hawkeye camera :: estate sale

vintage polaroid sx-70 land camera (x2!) :: estate sale

(and, yes, i am also quite besotted with my paint-by-number bird girl)


8 Feb

it’s been quite a good few weeks for thrifting around here. first there was the couch.

just in case you forgot how great it is.

the people who sold the couch continued their estate sale this weekend and my friends and i were invited to come back friday night for a sneak peek and dibs. they had a room full of craft supplies and i was a bit disappointed after poking around for ten minutes. but then the seller unearthed a box of silk thread and i was smitten.

who really needs a box of old silk thread that can’t be practically used? the thread would disintegrate quite quickly if you actually tried to use it for a project, but i could not resist a box of color in so many shades, tones, and vibrancies. it was just lovely and only $4. and the wooden spools! how great are they? is it just me?

i also picked up a magazine holder for $5. it has a slight art nouveau vibe, which is why i was drawn to it. and i have lots of magazines coming my way.

then, as we were leaving, one of seller’s daughters mentioned how much i had admired the spool holder in the craft room (i had asked if it was for sale, but, unfortunately, it was staying). then the seller said if i really liked it, i could have it for $10 – only if i took all the thread that was on the rack, as well. more vintage thread and spools!

i decided to hang it as art. i love all the colors in an random arrangement and the bits of threading hanging down everywhere.

i felt very happy with my thrifty friday night, but then, on the way to work on sunday, i saw a sign for an estate sale. i usually wouldn’t have stopped (especially since i was supposed to be at work in thirty minutes), but i was just too curious. you just don’t see many estate sales in the city where i live. i doubted if they’d have anything good; i was right and wrong. most of the stuff was junk, thrown in piles around the floor. but after a bit of digging in that junk, i found some really good stuff. or, at least, i think so.

do you know how much i love old children’s books? i do. it’s definitely not the librarian loving books as a deposit of knowledge thing – that doesn’t apply to me. it’s more the aesthetic, the graphic, the illustrative aspect of children’s books that i love. how great are these?

yes, some of them are in really shabby condition. but they were only $1 each and most have a publication date from the 1940s, so i think the price was well worth it.

i also stumbled across a beautiful, albeit a bit dusty, embroidered scene. the frame isn’t the best either, but i can paint it and it will perfectly quaint.

i think i just really like the birds.

can you imagine how many hours somebody spent on this? all the stitches, one-by-one, and then it gets sold for $2. poor them. lucky me.