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you’re always chasing after deer, oh my dear…

5 Dec

i’ve been listening to midlake lately. a lot, actually. i just think there’s something very magical about the trials of van occupanther around this time of the year. for me, it’s an essential album during the fall and winter months, one that makes me want to set off on an adventure or set up camp in the woods. it’s like comfort food for my ears. every single song is just really lovely and warm and enveloping.

i especially love the song ‘chasing after deer.’ it’s so pretty and terribly sad all at once. it made me want to take photos of my small (but growing) vintage ceramic deer collection.

i’ve been keeping an eye out for fawns for months and i’ve finally amassed a little family of woodland creatures. i’d love to find a pair of brass deer statues at a thrift store or an estate sale.

my aunt was in town over thanksgiving and we spent the better part of two days visiting every thrift store in the area. she spotted this pretty deer and bought it for me and i love it.

i’ve been checking in at my local thrift more than normal in hopes of scoring vintage christmas wares. i bought a bag of mismatched ornaments and bits and bobs for an elf head and much to my delight, i also found this little guy. he’s not ceramic, but he’s flocked, which is perhaps even better. perfect for my little collection.