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you’re always chasing after deer, oh my dear…

5 Dec

i’ve been listening to midlake lately. a lot, actually. i just think there’s something very magical about the trials of van occupanther around this time of the year. for me, it’s an essential album during the fall and winter months, one that makes me want to set off on an adventure or set up camp in the woods. it’s like comfort food for my ears. every single song is just really lovely and warm and enveloping.

i especially love the song ‘chasing after deer.’ it’s so pretty and terribly sad all at once. it made me want to take photos of my small (but growing) vintage ceramic deer collection.

i’ve been keeping an eye out for fawns for months and i’ve finally amassed a little family of woodland creatures. i’d love to find a pair of brass deer statues at a thrift store or an estate sale.

my aunt was in town over thanksgiving and we spent the better part of two days visiting every thrift store in the area. she spotted this pretty deer and bought it for me and i love it.

i’ve been checking in at my local thrift more than normal in hopes of scoring vintage christmas wares. i bought a bag of mismatched ornaments and bits and bobs for an elf head and much to my delight, i also found this little guy. he’s not ceramic, but he’s flocked, which is perhaps even better. perfect for my little collection.


hermes 3000

6 Nov

click clack swoon. i found a semi-rare hermes 3000 manual typewriter at an estate sale this weekend. it’s a dreamy blue with glossy seafoam green keys. it was made in switzerland in 1958 and is thought to be the finest and most sophisticated  manual typewriter in the world. jack kerouac and larry mcmurtry kind of loved them. i think i do, too. i want to mod my mac just for the sound effects.

notice anything odd about the keys? look closely. there’s no key for “1” or an exclamation point. at first, i thought i might have bought a dud, but an explanation exists!

sadly for me, i don’t have room for such a beauty, so it’s in the shop until a new cozy home can be found for it. it is ever so pretty.

day tripper

23 Oct

i woke up this morning and decided to get my hair cut. while i was on the internets researching salons in the area, i decided to check craigslist for potential estate sales. i found one.

128 miles from my house.

after making sure my iPod was fully charged, i hit the road and enjoyed the view.

after two-and-a-half hours of driving, with only a few minor annoyances (grrrr to perpetual I-35/I-30 traffic shenanigans), i arrived in mart, texas. population 2,243.

i think i’ve mentioned it before, but i really love small towns.

i mean, come on. how awesome is this? cute eateries.

old buildings.

lovely architectural elements.

more interesting doors. note: i take ‘no trespassing’ signs very seriously. most of the time.

of course, most importantly, small towns are likely to have extremely very megan estate sales.

i was pretty much in love with everything for sale. even this odd collection of sad-eyed animals.

maybe not so much in love with these scary baby dolls. dolls kind of freak me out a bit.

doll houses, on the other hand, i completely love. it goes back to my earliest desire to be an architect. this sweet house was tin and had all the original furniture and was in mint condition. for only $85. well, half of that. still… too much. i really do love it, though.

there were so many amazing vintage toys in their original boxes. tiddly winks, cooties, sewing cards, and so much more. i loved this etch-a-sketch.

more vintage tin toys.

and so many beautiful, well-preserved linens. i stopped taking pictures because i had to get down to business and look at every single thing at least twice. maybe three times. i got so many good things, making the trip totally worthwhile.

if you’re driving down I-35 in either direction, you cannot miss stopping at the czech stop and the little czech bakery in west, texas (exit 353).

there will always be a line. but it will always go fast.

and there’s so much to look at while you’re waiting in line.

like pickled pigs feet.

and cupcakes.

and meat kolaches.

and pastry kolaches.

holy yum.

by the time i picked out my treats and walked back outside, it was absolutely pissing down with rain.

i sat in my car and had my sausage and cheese kolaches (oh-so-good) and watched the rain fall harder and harder. as soon as it cleared up for just a second, i got back on the highway and proceeded to have the most stressful drive ever. it was literally a sheets of rain pounding down on my car for two solid hours. i kid you not, my knuckles have never been so white. especially when, just after entering the dallas area, a huge SUV tried to pass my cautious speed and ended up tail-spinning and crashing into the barrier. after impact, the SUV bounced back into traffic and missed me by mere inches. i thought i was going to throw up. i think i might have a bit, actually.

and i totally think this spur-of-the moment excursion totally counts as a road trip, therefore i am crossing it off my thirty in thirty list (# 11) – hoorah!

here’s a sneak peek at some of the day’s great finds. most of the items will be making their way to the shop, so please check in!

365 :: august 21, 2010

30 Aug

august 21, 2010. i did a little thrifting this morning, which i don’t especially like to do on weekends. it actually wasn’t too crowded or miserable and i happily found this awesome vintage needlepoint cheese, bread, fruit, and wine scene among a pile of real junk.

the best part of the day, though, was getting to spend time with two of my favorite people. my friends nathan (i’ve known him since i was two and our sisters are best friends) and karina (his awesome girlfriend) came over to my apartment for dinner and talking. that’s all we usually do, but that’s why it’s so great – there’s always tons to discuss, including our families, movies, music, work, politics, art, cooking, and on and on. nathan is thinking about opening a record store and music venue in a nearby college town in just a few years and that makes me so excited and happy for him – he really knows his music and i know it would be the perfect job for his talents.

they sweetly brought me some lovely jam jar sweet shiraz wine, which is oh-so-very-good, just like this day turned out to be.

thrift love thursday :: 08.12.2010

12 Aug

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

for today, an after from a before and after. remember my cosco cart find? well, it was actually a cosco cart find and a cosco stool find and both of them are all cleaned up and ready to make one corner of my aparement extremely cheerful.

the cart was completely disassembled before laborious scrubbing and sanding with steel wool and a power sander (for the rust spots) commenced. after everything was cleaned up and sanded down, i sprayed the tray inserts with sweet pea pink rustoleum spray paint. 

the stool was cleaned off with windex (for the swirly-patterned vinyl) and steel wool (#0000 for the chrome legs); there was a bit of rust corosion on the font of the stool, so my friend sprayed a rust blocker on the affected areas, which, in turn, turned black.

the $12.00 total pricetag for both pieces, plus the scrubbing, rubbing, and spraying, is an incredible value – the carts alone go for upwards of $100 on etsy and ebay. if you find a vintage cosco cart or stool on your vintage travels, even if it needs a bit of work, buy it!

these cute vintage planters came from the same garage sale as the stool and were only $2.00 each. i cannot tell you how cute i think that puppy dog is. does it not look like lily?

i finally have somewhere to store my pretty vintage silver-rimmed glasses, pitcher, ice bowl, and carafes.

i think the wall above the cart is a bit too cluttered for my taste right now, but i had to hang up the bisque plaques because they cleaned up so nicely. i can’t tell which decade these cute animals are from – i keep going between the 1940s and the 1960s. what do you think?

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365 :: august 7, 2010

11 Aug

august 7, 2010. my friend and i were driving around at dusk and came across a garage sale that had extended past the usual 3 pm cutoff. now, i say garage sale, but… well, it was more like what i would think junkin’ (not junking, but junkin’) is like. years of dirt and dust and grime covered every surface and i have to wonder at what the living conditions inside the house were.

there were some pretty incredible finds as we dug through the piles of musty boxes and water-damaged goods. wouldn’t you say a jar of peanut butter scrapings that was best by 1985 was pretty incredible? i would. i totally wanted to snap a shot, but i didn’t want to offend anybody, so i kept sifting and eventually found this adorable egg plate from the 1930s or 40s and little glitter-coated bisque plaques (they looked like sugar cookies at first) with cute animals on them. i paid $3.25 for everything and immediately squeezed out half a bottle of hand sanitizer as soon as i got into the car.

thrift love thursday :: 08.05.2010

5 Aug

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

after spotting vintage thermos collections on both a beautiful mess and smile and wave, i started to have a new appreciation for the keepers of hot & cold. i’ve been keeping an eye out for all types of thermoses in all my thrifty spots and, trust me, once you start to look for them, thermoses start to pop up everywhere.

i really love the old metal thermoses most (top picture – how awesome is the orange one? swoon!), but there are some really cute plastic thermoses from the 1970s out there, as well. i’m on the hunt for pristine condition plaid metal thermoses. it would be swell if i could find one with a matching plaid bag, as well. one can dream… or buy a set on etsy.

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