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everyday art

21 Jan

i have a camera with me at all times (mostly my iPhone) and i tend to snap pictures of everyday things that make me happy. this is what i saw on a walk with my dog yesterday.

you wouldn’t expect to find beauty in an oil drip, but that’s what i love about the unexpected.



19 Oct


the cutest little cottage i ever did see.

i love old signs.

i had the best weekend wandering around a different city and snuggling with my sweet dog-sitting charge, all-the-while snapping pictures every few seconds.

(all photos taken with the hipstamatic app using ina’s 1935 film and the helga viking lens)

365 :: september 11, 2010

13 Sep

september 11, 2010. so, okay. i’m not quite sure of the chain of events here, but yesterday there was only one dirty, stiff, sweaty, foul-looking sock in the breezeway outside my front door. today there are two.

i’m half-expecting a pair of underwear tomorrow. i’ll let you know.

365 :: september 10, 2010

13 Sep

september 10, 2010. lunch with my one of my besties, sara, and her sister emily at the always-delicious cantina laredo. i broke free from my traditional order of cheese and onion enchiladas and ordered a honey shrimp salad, which was seriously good, and a lovely pomegranate margarita.

i had the day off and planned to catch the in-store appearance of my favorite canadian twin sisters at my favorite local record shop, but, thanks to instant updates via twitter and facebook, i knew the place was mobbed hours before their scheduled appearance, so boo, i didn’t even try to make it downtown. i ended up heading back to my apartment for a well-deserved lounge around in comfy pajamas, which is just as personally rewarding as hearing live music, yes?

i’m pretending that you’re nodding your heads in agreement.

365 :: september 9, 2010

13 Sep

september 9, 2010. cataloging travel books isn’t doing my wanderlust any favors. in october, it’ll have been a year since i’ve been anywhere and i can feel it in my heart. sometimes i literally ache to be in another part of the world, to see history with my own eyes, to hear foreign voices buzzing around me. there’s something so inspiring and freeing about travel and i hope to never stop seeing new things, new places, and new people.

my next trip abroad will be in 2012 (or 2013) to scotland, ireland, and wales. right now, that seems so very far off, but i have to give myself time to save because it will be the trip of a lifetime, with days on end exploring the scottish highlands and upper islands, pub-hopping across ireland, and just taking in the beauty of the welsh landscape. at the very least, i have enough money saved for a round-trip plane ticket to europe and i’m happy knowing that if, for whatever reason, i had to board a plane to cross the atlantic tomorrow, i could grab my passport and head out the door into a new adventure.

365 :: september 8, 2010

13 Sep

september 8, 2010. daria morgendorffer. that name instantly brings me back to my freshman and sophomore years in college.¬†afternoons¬†were spent watching daria, total request live, and other regularly scheduled mtv programs with my two roommates before we all headed to the cafeteria for oddly comforting (to me, anyway) campus food. after dinner, it was back to C212 for homework, chatting, and more teen drama in the form of dawson’s creek or felicity. it was a pretty great time, actually, despite the now-tragic inclusion of trl and the boy-band mania that seemed to permeate all aspects of 1999.

my mention of daria on facebook the other night elicited comments from both my sweet roommates and memories of our time together. apparently (and i do not remember this at all), i had a dream about lance bass. i have no idea what the dream was about – i was just told that i had one. interesting.

the whole point of this trip down memory lane is that the library got all five seasons of daria on dvd and i have been loving every second of watching. it possible, it is so much better than it was 11 years ago.

365 :: september 7, 2010

7 Sep

september 7, 2010. holy vegetables, jamie oliver! it somehow felt like thanksgiving in my apartment as i chopped up carrots, celery, onions, leeks, and potatoes galore for mr. oliver’s leek and potato soup. i love that it just calls for vegetables (a lot), chicken broth, and basic seasonings (salt and pepper). it was so easy and so delicious.

i put mine through the blender really just to see how it would turn out and it turned out pretty fantastic. i put half of the soup in a container for freezing (something i always forget to do), so now i’ll have lovely soup to take to work over the next few weeks. next up: pea and mint soup from the same lovely brit.