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an (almost) orange colored day

14 Nov

i took the puppy on a walk today.

the leaves are starting to change.

and the temperature is ever-so-slightly chilly.

everything around you bursting with color.

something to smile at every few feet.

i do love this time of year.


oh hai…

1 Oct

i had to add a new category just for this post. it’s called life, which¬†perfectly sums up my absence in this space for the past few weeks. what started as a severe sinus infection and a week off of work soon turned into a bad case of pink eye (picked up at the doctor’s office, of course) that kept stubbornly roaming from one eye to the other.

just as the whites of my eyes were indeed once again white, there was a death in the family. my last remaining grandparent passed away at the age of 95 (he would have been 96 this halloween). this in the midst of being appointed to a leadership board at work, where we were assigned a crazy-intense group project to be presented to the new city manager and his efficiency experts.

then, when i finally had a night off to spend with friends, i came home to a mac that would not let me sign in. after a manual restart, my hard drive simply erased itself because that’s just how it goes. as my dad would say, “welcome to the real world, bub.” needless to say, i did not have a backup hard drive because who really does that? oh, everybody, apparently. there went over 10,000 pictures. luckily, i have my most important travel pictures burned to discs, so all my overseas trips have been spared. everything else? gone.

after toying with the idea of spending my newly saved monies for a new computer, my friend came to the rescue after cracking my mac open. we bought a brand-spankin’-new 1 terabyte hard drive for $60 and upgraded the memory while the computer was under. so i have a better-than-new super-fast, super-awesome mac now. and, most importantly, i have a backup system.

i’ve had my mac up and running for just under a week now, but i haven’t logged into the blog because i’ve been shy. you know how it is after you mean to call or e-mail somebody back? and then you don’t? and then, after a longer amount of time, you still don’t? then you’re convinced the other person hates you, which makes you really not want to respond. it’s kind of almost easier to just forget about it, but it’s still in the back of your mind nagging you. that’s how i felt about posting. i’m pretty sure the 365 project is over for this year. my heart hasn’t really been into it the past few weeks and it was more of a chore than a pleasure to take a picture and make a post. i have made progress on my thirty in thirty project, though, so some posts for that are upcoming.

right now, i’m just going to lay in bed and read a book for the rest of the night. exciting times around here.




(and this is officially the end of my downer post)