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birdie clothes

14 Jan

one of my favorite lifestyle and vintage blogs is bleubird vintage. james kicinski (or miss james as she is known) has impeccible taste in clothes and housewares and my giddy level always rises a notch when i see a new post from her in my reader.

so, imagine my delight (and audible squee), when, a month or so ago, she bought a sweet dress from my shop for her baby bird, gemma. i love this dress – the color, the mother of pearl diamond buttons, the style… so adorable! it was one of my roadtrip estate sale finds, so i have a particularly strong fondness for it for some odd reason.

yesterday, james posted a peek into baby gemma’s nursery and it is to die for. i totally heart that space. and i totally heart that the sweet green dress is hanging above the crib. such a great way to display vintage dresses!

(photo by james kicinski)

please check out the bluebird vintage blog – i promise you’ll be awed and inspired!

what are your favorite vintage blogs?


hermes 3000

6 Nov

click clack swoon. i found a semi-rare hermes 3000 manual typewriter at an estate sale this weekend. it’s a dreamy blue with glossy seafoam green keys. it was made in switzerland in 1958 and is thought to be the finest and most sophisticated  manual typewriter in the world. jack kerouac and larry mcmurtry kind of loved them. i think i do, too. i want to mod my mac just for the sound effects.

notice anything odd about the keys? look closely. there’s no key for “1” or an exclamation point. at first, i thought i might have bought a dud, but an explanation exists!

sadly for me, i don’t have room for such a beauty, so it’s in the shop until a new cozy home can be found for it. it is ever so pretty.

silly enthusiasm

12 Jul

how exciting! my vintage kromex ice bucket from the shop was featured (among other very cool ice buckets) on deedee9:14 today!

i was catching up on my blogs in google reader and saw the title of the post before i saw the pictures and i thought, “hmmm… it would be totally funny and rad if my ice bucket was on her list of ‘gorgeous ice buckets.'” i expanded the post and there was my newly thrifted vintage kromex green faux bois and teak bucket. i’m giddy, i tell you – i adore deedee9:14 and am always very excited when new articles are posted. and the giveaways! actually, right now there’s a surprise one-day giveaway for an awesome orange perpetual calendar – go sign up!

bearded guys

12 Jul

hoorah for new bearded guys from ashleyg!

it’s been awhile since any bearded guys have been in ashleyg’s shop and i’ve always missed out on past editions, so i’m extra happy to have snapped up one of the ten limited edition prints of this handsome fella. i love all of her bearded and moustached men (and babies!) and her sad-eyed boys. her blog is pretty great, too. check it out!

365 :: may 17, 2010

19 May

may 17, 2010. i finally bit the bullet and bought some polaroid film for my thrifted sx-70s (i totally recommend watching the full 10 minutes of this video – it’s retro-riffic). i got the tz artistic film from the impossible project and, though it was a bit pricey, i am so glad i was able to test the cameras to make sure they work. i’ve put them in my etsy shop for now, but everyday, i find myself thinking i should keep one for myself.

365 :: may 5, 2010

11 May

may 5, 2010. i know i already posted about my first etsy sale. but this is kind of like another first sale. today i shipped out something that i made, as opposed to something that i picked out at a thrift store or an estate sale. it’s a pretty great feeling knowing that somebody somewhere across the country has something (two somethings, actually) that you made with your own hands in their house. when i made those felted sweater banners, i thought they were colorful, cheerful, quirky, a bit off, and, most of all, very me. my mom didn’t get them; my sister didn’t get them; my friends didn’t get them. i’m so happy that somebody, even if it’s ever just one person, gets them, both literally and figuratively.

365 :: april 13, 2010

13 Apr

april 13, 2010. isn’t it nice to wake up to a good e-mail? today i woke up to my first sale notification for my etsy shop – all the way from (what i can make out) a tiny village in sweden! i’m quite excited that my first sale was an international one. a good sign, i think.