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everyday art

21 Jan

i have a camera with me at all times (mostly my iPhone) and i tend to snap pictures of everyday things that make me happy. this is what i saw on a walk with my dog yesterday.

you wouldn’t expect to find beauty in an oil drip, but that’s what i love about the unexpected.


birdie clothes

14 Jan

one of my favorite lifestyle and vintage blogs is bleubird vintage. james kicinski (or miss james as she is known) has impeccible taste in clothes and housewares and my giddy level always rises a notch when i see a new post from her in my reader.

so, imagine my delight (and audible squee), when, a month or so ago, she bought a sweet dress from my shop for her baby bird, gemma. i love this dress – the color, the mother of pearl diamond buttons, the style… so adorable! it was one of my roadtrip estate sale finds, so i have a particularly strong fondness for it for some odd reason.

yesterday, james posted a peek into baby gemma’s nursery and it is to die for. i totally heart that space. and i totally heart that the sweet green dress is hanging above the crib. such a great way to display vintage dresses!

(photo by james kicinski)

please check out the bluebird vintage blog – i promise you’ll be awed and inspired!

what are your favorite vintage blogs?