sweet william

2 Nov

so, about a year (or more) ago i started a new quilt. this, after i had sworn off making quilts. but that’s how it goes with crafty people, yes?


i wanted to make a quilt that required little or no thinking. or, if i had to think, the thinking would be focused on picking out pretty fabrics.


i am in love with the colors and patterns in this quilt.


there did turn out to be quite a lot of thinking involved in this project, though. it required a bit of concentration to get the patterns not to line up, if that makes sense.


i finally finished the quilt a few months ago – hoorah! the actual piecing was done (gulp) last year (notice a [no pun intended] pattern here?). i finally got around to getting it professionally quilted by my mother’s friend this summer and all i had to do was hand sew the binding.


this officially crosses off one more thing on my thirty in thirty list, too: #27 – finish sweet william lap quilt.


oh, sweet william. i really love this quilt because it has my favorite grandfather’s name in the title and because it’s cold again now. this means i can use it to snuggle and watch some lovely britcoms (i’m kind of completely in love with gavin & stacey right now).


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