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an (almost) orange colored day

14 Nov

i took the puppy on a walk today.

the leaves are starting to change.

and the temperature is ever-so-slightly chilly.

everything around you bursting with color.

something to smile at every few feet.

i do love this time of year.



9 Nov

i got a dog this morning. and her name is lola. lola muggins, to be exact. lola because it’s sweet and muggins because my grandpa called me muggins and this dog has got a mug. a mugly pugly.

and i’m already infantilizing. nice.

i’m slightly nervous about this parenting gig. what if she thinks i’m a total bore? this is a distinct possibility, let me tell you. she’s already snoozing and it’s only 10 o’clock. we took a few walks, we’ve played with her cow (she loves), and she’s had her dinner. what else do you do? i’d be satisfied with that for one night, but, like i say, i might be a bore.

and because you’re probably humming it already… here.

hermes 3000

6 Nov

click clack swoon. i found a semi-rare hermes 3000 manual typewriter at an estate sale this weekend. it’s a dreamy blue with glossy seafoam green keys. it was made in switzerland in 1958 and is thought to be the finest and most sophisticated  manual typewriter in the world. jack kerouac and larry mcmurtry kind of loved them. i think i do, too. i want to mod my mac just for the sound effects.

notice anything odd about the keys? look closely. there’s no key for “1” or an exclamation point. at first, i thought i might have bought a dud, but an explanation exists!

sadly for me, i don’t have room for such a beauty, so it’s in the shop until a new cozy home can be found for it. it is ever so pretty.

sweet william

2 Nov

so, about a year (or more) ago i started a new quilt. this, after i had sworn off making quilts. but that’s how it goes with crafty people, yes?


i wanted to make a quilt that required little or no thinking. or, if i had to think, the thinking would be focused on picking out pretty fabrics.


i am in love with the colors and patterns in this quilt.


there did turn out to be quite a lot of thinking involved in this project, though. it required a bit of concentration to get the patterns not to line up, if that makes sense.


i finally finished the quilt a few months ago – hoorah! the actual piecing was done (gulp) last year (notice a [no pun intended] pattern here?). i finally got around to getting it professionally quilted by my mother’s friend this summer and all i had to do was hand sew the binding.


this officially crosses off one more thing on my thirty in thirty list, too: #27 – finish sweet william lap quilt.


oh, sweet william. i really love this quilt because it has my favorite grandfather’s name in the title and because it’s cold again now. this means i can use it to snuggle and watch some lovely britcoms (i’m kind of completely in love with gavin & stacey right now).