365 :: september 9, 2010

13 Sep

september 9, 2010. cataloging travel books isn’t doing my wanderlust any favors. in october, it’ll have been a year since i’ve been anywhere and i can feel it in my heart. sometimes i literally ache to be in another part of the world, to see history with my own eyes, to hear foreign voices buzzing around me. there’s something so inspiring and freeing about travel and i hope to never stop seeing new things, new places, and new people.

my next trip abroad will be in 2012 (or 2013) to scotland, ireland, and wales. right now, that seems so very far off, but i have to give myself time to save because it will be the trip of a lifetime, with days on end exploring the scottish highlands and upper islands, pub-hopping across ireland, and just taking in the beauty of the welsh landscape. at the very least, i have enough money saved for a round-trip plane ticket to europe and i’m happy knowing that if, for whatever reason, i had to board a plane to cross the atlantic tomorrow, i could grab my passport and head out the door into a new adventure.


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