365 :: september 8, 2010

13 Sep

september 8, 2010. daria morgendorffer. that name instantly brings me back to my freshman and sophomore years in college. afternoons were spent watching daria, total request live, and other regularly scheduled mtv programs with my two roommates before we all headed to the cafeteria for oddly comforting (to me, anyway) campus food. after dinner, it was back to C212 for homework, chatting, and more teen drama in the form of dawson’s creek or felicity. it was a pretty great time, actually, despite the now-tragic inclusion of trl and the boy-band mania that seemed to permeate all aspects of 1999.

my mention of daria on facebook the other night elicited comments from both my sweet roommates and memories of our time together. apparently (and i do not remember this at all), i had a dream about lance bass. i have no idea what the dream was about – i was just told that i had one. interesting.

the whole point of this trip down memory lane is that the library got all five seasons of daria on dvd and i have been loving every second of watching. it possible, it is so much better than it was 11 years ago.


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