365 :: september 6, 2010

7 Sep

september 6, 2010. with a few cool days this past week, i thought it was time that i took my bike on the trails for a leisurely ride in the breeze. only there turned out not to be a breeze along with not cool weather. plus, i stupidly wore jeans. and a black t-shirt. and i didn’t take any water. for having a masters degree, sometimes i’m not very smart, ya know?

i made it about six miles before i really thought i was going to be sick from heat exhaustion. thankfully, i do have some sense, as i had turned around after three miles, so just when i thought i couldn’t take it much longer, i was at my car. i went home, gulped down water, and laid on my bed under a fan for an hour.

all the sickness and hot weather aside, i can’t wait to ride the trail again (in much cooler weather). there were some great landscapes with interesting plants, berries, and trees. i think a ride through the trees in the fall when the colors are changing will be magical.


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