365 :: august 21, 2010

30 Aug

august 21, 2010. i did a little thrifting this morning, which i don’t especially like to do on weekends. it actually wasn’t too crowded or miserable and i happily found this awesome vintage needlepoint cheese, bread, fruit, and wine scene among a pile of real junk.

the best part of the day, though, was getting to spend time with two of my favorite people. my friends nathan (i’ve known him since i was two and our sisters are best friends) and karina (his awesome girlfriend) came over to my apartment for dinner and talking. that’s all we usually do, but that’s why it’s so great – there’s always tons to discuss, including our families, movies, music, work, politics, art, cooking, and on and on. nathan is thinking about opening a record store and music venue in a nearby college town in just a few years and that makes me so excited and happy for him – he really knows his music and i know it would be the perfect job for his talents.

they sweetly brought me some lovely jam jar sweet shiraz wine, which is oh-so-very-good, just like this day turned out to be.


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