365 :: august 16, 2010

26 Aug

august 16, 2010. i’ve recently developed a three-year plan. this plan includes saving money, paying off loans (car, credit card, and a good portion of my student loan), and sticking to a budget. i’ve spent a few hours (hours… more like hours and hours) developing a savings plan and i figured the easiest thing to start would be to take my lunch to work everyday and make meals at home most nights. it was getting way too easy to just swing by chick-fil-a or subway everyday for lunch or dinner and i really wanted to starting meal planning in advance to become a more effective grocery shopper.

this plan has been in action for almost three weeks now and it is quite easy to stick to. i usually pack a frozen meal, yogurt, carrot sticks (i could eat half a bag a day if i didn’t mind turning orange), and crackers for lunch. when i get home for dinner, i either have an artisan sandwich if i’m really tired (which has been most nights lately) or i cook up a quick meal like veggie meatballs and spaghetti tossed in garlic olive oil or jasmine rice with vegetables and a few pot stickers and edamame. i’ve even planned ahead for a few nights next week by making and freezing pizza dough, which will be topped with pesto, sauce, fresh tomatoes and onions, mozzarella, and turkey pepperoni.

i feel really good about this and i really hope i can stick it out – fingers crossed!


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