365 :: august 13, 2010

23 Aug

august 13, 2010. the summer, especially in texas, is really too hot to think about knitting. so i haven’t. until my friend asked me to teach her how and, as always happens, i was reminded of how much i like to knit.

i got out some of my stash and we went over casting on, counting stitches, and the basic knit stitch. we were surrounded by three noisy boys, wine, and beer in the wee hours of the morning, so i don’t know how much was actually absorbed or how properly it was conveyed, but i know my friend has been practicing on her own every night, which makes me happy – a new knitter! there’s nothing more hopeful or utterly frustrating than those first few attempts and projects. i recall actually crying because i kept casting on way too tight and then i would cut off and throw away numerous beginnings because i didn’t know how to fix anything.

after the lesson, i came home and dug out my first scarf, the very reason i wanted to learn how to knit. i was determined to knit a handmade scarf to take on my first trip to london in the fall. and i did. it wasn’t that pretty, but it was functional and i was proud of it. and now, as fall approaches once again, i think i might just knit up (yet another) scarf, even though i’m not going to london this year (boo!).


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