365 :: august 12, 2010

23 Aug

august 12, 2010. as of today, two of my favorite people have been married for ten years – congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law! i still vaguely remember my first real conversation with my b-i-l. i was a junior in high school, sitting on the floor in my room listening to sgt. pepper’s on vinyl, when he popped his head in to see what i was listening to. we ended up talking about music and i thought he was pretty cool because he liked the smashing pumpkins.

they dated for four years before stephen proposed on halloween night. their engagement and wedding actually brought my sister and i together as friends (i was the maid of honor). before then, we were just sisters, four years apart – a pretty big age difference as adolescents and teenagers, but no so much when you’re in your twenties.

they are the kookiest and funniest people i know – who else would crash a silent auction at the resort hotel for free beer on their anniversary? and who else would text me about it and ask, “wwmd?” only them and that’s why they’re the greatest.


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