365 :: august 10, 2010

17 Aug

august 10, 2010. if i can offer you only one reading suggestion this year, let it be this: jonathan safran foer. this suggestion was going to be, simply, everything is illuminated, but i have since read foer’s second novel, extremely loud and incredibly close, and i cannot, in good conscience, recommend one above the other.

i realize i’m more than a few years behind in this recommendation, but just in case you haven’t picked up either of these novels before now, please do. both works incorporate alternating perspectives, stream of consciousness (i admit to not being a fan of this style, but foer pulls it off beautifully), sublime language, and incredibly moving and profound stories.

i love reading a novel that affects not only the hours or days spent turning the pages, but also one’s life, one’s understandingĀ of the world and its endearingly complex inhabitants. and there’s nothing more paradoxically satisfying to me than being so touched by a character or characters that i’m left wondering what became of them after the book has been closed.

i’m still wondering about alexi, oskar, the hero, grandfather, grandma, and, of course, sammy davis, jr., jr., the seeing-eye bitch.


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