on being all-alone-ly

13 Aug

watching this video the other day made me start thinking about being alone. i have been alone, with brief bouts of togetherness, for several years. like the video suggests, to me, alone does not equal lonely.

yes, there are times when being alone is terribly lonesome, scary, and frustrating because there is, i believe, a basic human need in wanting to share one’s joys, sorrows, disappointments, plans, hopes, and achievements with somebody else. and i can’t wait to do that.

but for now, i’m happy being alone. i’m happy getting to know myself. i’m happy learning that i’m good company, that i’m funny, that i’m quirky, that i can be a bit cranky, that i am an incorrigible slob, that i’m sensitive, that i do get lonely. i’m especially glad to know that i am self-sufficient, independent, and responsible and that i can travel halfway across the world without another soul to talk to and have the best time of my life.

most of all, i’m happy that i have fantastic friends and a wonderful family to turn to when it’s not so great being alone, when, as my sweet niece melana says, i’m feeling all-alone-ly.


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