365 :: august 7, 2010

11 Aug

august 7, 2010. my friend and i were driving around at dusk and came across a garage sale that had extended past the usual 3 pm cutoff. now, i say garage sale, but… well, it was more like what i would think junkin’ (not junking, but junkin’) is like. years of dirt and dust and grime covered every surface and i have to wonder at what the living conditions inside the house were.

there were some pretty incredible finds as we dug through the piles of musty boxes and water-damaged goods. wouldn’t you say a jar of peanut butter scrapings that was best by 1985 was pretty incredible? i would. i totally wanted to snap a shot, but i didn’t want to offend anybody, so i kept sifting and eventually found this adorable egg plate from the 1930s or 40s and little glitter-coated bisque plaques (they looked like sugar cookies at first) with cute animals on them. i paid $3.25 for everything and immediately squeezed out half a bottle of hand sanitizer as soon as i got into the car.


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  1. thrift love thursday :: 08.12.2010 « the card catalog - August 12, 2010

    […] the wall above the cart is a bit too cluttered for my taste right now, but i had to hang up the bisque plaques because they cleaned up so nicely. i can’t tell which decade these cute animals are from […]

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