365 :: august 5, 2010

11 Aug

august 5, 2010. look at me being a responsible citizen and (almost always) remembering to bring my own bags with me to do the shopping (# 30). i did have a bit of a freakout on one occasion when there was a small spill in the bag on the left (i bought it up at a cupcake shop in camden [london] in 2007. it has a cute deer on it. that’s all.), but i’ve worked through it.

notice the repeat purchase of the yummy ready-to-bake tortillas. and, yes, there’s some toilet paper, as well. sorry about that. why am i so self-conscious about the purchase of toilet paper, something everybody needs? let me be honest and say right now that i don’t think i could ever buy toilet paper on its own. i couldn’t just go into a grocery store, pick up a pack of toilet paper and checkout. that would be too obvious: “hey, everybody, i’ve gotta go, but i’ve got no supplies on hand. as soon as i get home, you know what’s going to happen.”

yes, there will always have to be an additional cover-up purchase for toilet paper, like a pack of gum. because a small package of candy makes it so much less obvious that you’re dying for a wee. or worse.

and now i’m blushing.


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