365 :: august 3, 2010

11 Aug

august 3, 2010. i am in desperate need of a thorough clearing out of the ever-escalating mound of clutter in my apartment. because this is simply too intimidating and because i am a procrastinator, i did a thorough clearing out of clutter at work instead. naturally.

i absolutely hate starting organization projects, but i dream of organization, if that makes any sense. once i commit to cleaning, though, i start out pretty strong and ruthless – everything goes. but then i get tired or bored and start to pore over each scrap of paper and photograph, getting lost in memories and checking for grammatical consistency in old school papers (am i alone in loving to read old school assignments?). i need a guiding force to keep my sentimentality in check, which is exactly what i have at work and not at home.

my volunteer, joe, is quite no-nonsense when it comes to a lot of things, clutter included. he’s very good at making my feeble excuses for keeping something just that – weak. in a few short hours, we had filled three waste baskets to the brim with unneeded and non-recyclable clutter. and when i went i home, i almost felt like doing the same with my things.

notice i said almost.


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