10 Aug

remember my gushing over yann tiersen a few months ago?  a bit much, yes, but all true.

let me now add another musical hero of mine, another musican whom i never thought i would get to see live (i don’t know why i thought that, but i just did), to the swoon-worthy category: sufjan stevens.

at noon today, i sat, my fingers perched over the keyboard, at my desk, eagerly awaiting the pre-sale opening. there was a bit of a mad rush, i assume, because the website froze for four looong minutes, but i was able to secure three tickets to what will be, i am positive, a very memorable and moving night in october.

how i feel about this is best summed up by my brother-in-law, who, after receiving my text on purchasing our tickets, replied: glowing.

yes, sufjan stevens will make your soul glow.


One Response to “glowing”


  1. just to verify « the card catalog - October 21, 2010

    […] i feel the need to verify that i am, indeed, glowing. […]

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