365 :: august 2, 2010

9 Aug

august 2, 2010. sometimes, in getting caught up with deadlines, problem patrons, and the little events of everyday, i forget how great libraries are; downturns in the economy provide excellent reminders, though. we are never busier than when people need to budget shrinking funds, look for jobs, and update skill sets. there have been numerous studiesĀ outlining the value of turning to public libraries for free books, periodicals, DVDs, CDs, and databases. people pay hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars a year renting movies, buying books, downloading music, subscribing to news services, etc., when, really, you can get all of that free at the library. it’s really amazing to me to think that still, in 2010, people don’t know that it costs nothing to check out a book. and there are so many great new services at libraries, as well: downloadable eBooks, downloadable audiobooks, language programs (comparable to rosetta stone, which was removed from all libraries), full access to online mechanical repair guides, newspapers from around the world, scientific articles updated daily… the list just goes on. and, apparently, so do i.

this little musing was brought to you by the awesome site, bookshelf porn, which made me want to take artistic shots of all the free knowledge a library offers.


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