thrift love thursday :: 08.05.2010

5 Aug

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

after spotting vintage thermos collections on both a beautiful mess and smile and wave, i started to have a new appreciation for the keepers of hot & cold. i’ve been keeping an eye out for all types of thermoses in all my thrifty spots and, trust me, once you start to look for them, thermoses start to pop up everywhere.

i really love the old metal thermoses most (top picture – how awesome is the orange one? swoon!), but there are some really cute plastic thermoses from the 1970s out there, as well. i’m on the hunt for pristine condition plaid metal thermoses. it would be swell if i could find one with a matching plaid bag, as well. one can dream… or buy a set on etsy.

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* tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel


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