365 :: july 31, 2010

5 Aug

july 31, 2010. today was the first saturday i’ve had off in what seems like ages and i was determined to spend the day hitting up those elusive estate and garage sales my friend is always snagging awesome vintage wares at. it was a major win day for all involved. among other cool things, i scored a cosco cart from 1962. a little shabby, yes, but easily fixed.

did i say easily? most of it was pretty easy, but that top tray? with the old sticker paper covering gaping rust stains? not so easily fixed. after literally hours of scrubbing, i finally got everything cleaned up and keith and i set up a spray paint station in his backyard (he was refurbishing one of his many cosco carts). i chose a sweet pea pink for my makeover and it turned out pretty perfect and i’m totally in love. i’ll have a good “after” shot soon – i had to leave the cart at keith’s to finish drying properly. it will be perfect for storing and showing off my silver-rimmed vintage bar set, which, of course, means it’s time for a cocktail party!


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