365 :: july 29, 2010

5 Aug

july 29, 2010. i went back to the salvation army thrift store to see if the psychedelic-ish needlepoint was still there. not only was it still there, it was 50% off. obviously i scooped it up (lugged, actually) and continued to do a bit of rummaging. in a box of old hallmark stationary for $1.00, i found a sheet of notebook paper folded in fourths with five or six little notes tucked in it. when something says becky, i love you, david in an old box of stationary at a thrift store, you get it… don’t you?

i did and it was filled with awkward awesomeness. i’ve faithfully transcribed the notes, grammar (or lack thereof) and all. i have the feeling these two were about to get up to something quite naughty:

how about that best friend idea? i like it. my best friend is becky c. and i would give up the t.v. altogether for her not just monday night football.


this might not be as strong a need for me as it is for you. but i need conversation everyday conversation and more importantly intimate conversation. sometimes i am not talkative it is something you will have to help me develop. i feel a tv will hinder our talks and time together so i think we should not have one or that we only allow ourselves certain times to watch t.v. like the news. you are too important for me not to be able to talk to. i always need to talk to you sometimes you might need to drag it out of me (sic) thou.


here’s a hint on how i like you to look. i’m attracted to the amount of makeup and how you apply it now. don’t ever (sic) overdue it. i like your long hair that you have now. i’m not so sure about the last part of question 3.


clothes – this is kinda funny and interesting at the same time. i can’t wait to see what you bought as your bedroom clothes.


this next section from p. 44-49 is what i would say very educational. i don’t feel embarrassed about it at all with you. i think we might need to talk very seriously about it before the big night. we could have fun with that talk and really laugh a lot.

bedroom clothes? here’s a hint on how i like you to look? these turns of phrase made me smile and cringe at the same time. totally worth a dollar, though.


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