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365 :: august 29, 2010

30 Aug

august 29, 2010. we had a family dinner at my sister’s house tonight. during this dinner, i was informed by both my sister and my mother that they had somebody they thought i should date. one of these somebodies is my 16-year-old niece’s algebra teacher, who is, apparently, “nerdy and cute like leonard” (from the big bang theory). it’s true – i have a weak spot for nerds, especially ones who played david on roseanne (i literally stopped watching roseanne when david and darlene broke up – it was too much).

we also spent some time with my brother-in-law’s sweet new pinball table and re-watching some dexter, which i cannot wait until the new season starts – so many questions!


365 :: august 28, 2010

30 Aug

august 28, 2010. yay for tall, project-focused friends who come to your apartment and end up dusting the crown molding, changing hard-to-reach lightbulbs, and hanging quirky art.

on another note, this isn’t even the whole of my kidrobot collection. a bit much? but they’re so awesome. have you seen the new 2010 dunny line? swoon. i totally want the ketchup dunny.

365 :: august 27, 2010

30 Aug

august 27, 2010. an evening with the meat puppets and ween at the house of blues. can i just say that gene ween kind of rocks? because he does.

the ween set lasted well over two hours, not including the encore, which is something i’ve not experienced in a very long time. every song was just really energetic, theatrical, and totally awesome. the best part was a cover of david bowie’s let’s dance; unfortunately, i had recorded too many songs already and my camera died forty seconds into it.

one of the many great songs of the night: bananas and blow. classy.

365 :: august 26, 2010

30 Aug

august 26, 2010. after the long-awaited rain showers and drop in temperature yesterday (still quite happy about that), mushrooms have popped up every few feet outside of my apartment. you’d think i’d never seen a mushroom before the way i stopped to take a picture of every cluster. they’re kind of magical, though, yes? they were small caps when i got home from work last night and today? full-bloomed gnome umbrellas.

365 :: august 25, 2010

30 Aug

august 25, 2010. in case you didn’t know, i’m smiling right now.

365 :: august 24, 2010

30 Aug

august 24, 2010. am i alone in having a dream bookshelf? a bookshelf that would, upon a dream book’s publication, populate itself free of charge? i’m not going to hold my breath on that patent.

good thing there’s the library, which, at this time of year, is frantically spending to use all budgeted funds before the end of the fiscal year. happily for me, this means getting to put together a list of new-ish crafty, cooking, and hobby-type books for the purchasing librarian, who generously ordered everything on my dream bookshelf.

i want all of these books, i want to sit down with each and every one and completely consume them from cover to cover. i’m particularly in love with jamie’s food revolution and the river cottage family cookbook, which are going on my amazon wishlist for christmas because, even though i have a thousand cookbooks, i need more. obviously. there’s just something really lovely about british cookbooks that i find wholesome, comfortable, and homey.

365 :: august 23, 2010

30 Aug

august 23, 2010. just call me jerry seinfeld. i’m a sucker for cereal, especially honey bunches of oats.

and the best time for said cereal? only at night, only for dinner. i don’t care what the commercials say. cereal should never be eaten in the morning.