365 :: july 25, 2010

28 Jul

july 25, 2010. please. stop what you are doing and go watch the room. only not really, because i don’t want to receive hate mail. this is the absolute.worst.movie.ever.made, i kid you not. it is such a train wreck that it is hilarious. my cheeks were aching at the end. the acting, the lines, the sets, the plot (i kid – there is not plot) – everything. so bad.

last week, my friends forced us to watch horrible you tube clips from the movie (which has a total cult following, btw) and we all agreed that we had to see the thing in full. here are a few of my favorite gems:

“hai doggie.”

“let’s go eat, huuuuh.”

if you live in the dallas area, check it out at the inwood on august 27th & 28th or september 24th & 25th as one of their midnight madness shows. i’ll totally be there to enjoy it as it should be seen: with a ton of other people shouting lines, throwing plastic cutlery, and generally honoring the worst movie ever.


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