365 :: july 21, 2010

28 Jul

as part of my thirty in thirty project, a few months ago i started researching my family genealogy. so far, i’ve gotten as far as my great-great-great-grandparents on my father’s maternal side. my ancestors on this side generally stayed in the virginia/tennessee/appalachia area and farmed tobacco. my father recently told me about the summers he would stay at his grandparents’ farm and help in the fields — something i had no idea ever took place. these kinds of memories are exactly what i was hoping to unearth when i decided to learn more about where, and who, i came from.

in may, i led an introduction to genealogy session for my co-workers; i followed up that session tonight with a beginner’s guide to genealogy for the public. a local genealogist, who serves on the history committee for which i am staff liaison, presented tips for getting started and i detailed helpful websites.

if you are at all interested in genealogy, check out family tree magazine’s 101 best genealogy websites for 2010 – you can either browse by website type (government, history, records, canadian, etc.) or you can sign up for their newsletter and get all the resources, plus abstracts, in one handy PDF.


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