365 :: july 18, 2010

27 Jul

july 18, 2010. okay, i’m probably a little behind the curve here, but have you heard of ready-to-cook tortillas? as in, you buy a package of uncooked tortilla rounds, heat them in a skillet, and they puff up and get all golden and yummy? did i mention that they taste just like they do at mexican restaurants? big time stomach swoon.

my friend served these up a few nights ago and i literally stopped at the store on the way home because they were ah-mazing. you can find them at wal-mart in the dairy section (oddly enough) and you get twelve for under $2.00, which isn’t too bad. it does take a minute or two for each tortilla to cook, but seriously. sixty seconds is a small price to pay for warm tortilla goodness.


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