thrift love thursday :: 07.22.2010

22 Jul

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i’ve been seeking out vintage linens at my regular thrift stores lately. while i would never be able to use a previously owned pillowcase or sheet set for my own bed (really, i just can’t), they’re great for sewing projects as they are relatively inexpensive and have, more often than not, quite cheerful patterns and colors.

i have plans for tote bags (a weakness of mine), aprons, and a quilt with all the pillowcases i’ve been finding. it seems like one of those things that, once you decide to look for them, they’re everywhere.

my main suggestion for thrifting vintage linens is to look over every inch carefully. i’ve often found tiny stains or faded color spots after bringing my finds home. these imperfections are perfectly okay if you are going to cut around them or cover them up – you just don’t want to put an old stained pillowcase on your bed!

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