365 :: july 9, 2010

18 Jul

july 9, 2010. first off, i promise i snapped this picture at a red light (oh, duh, you can see the red light…)

it has been rainy and cloudy and lovely around here for the past week or so, but when we closed the library and stepped outside, it was more than a tad scary. the sky was darkening and swelling and spitting more with each passing second. we all hurried to our cars and tried to make it home before what turned out to be a horrific storm unleashed itself.

luckily, or not so luckily since i had to drive through a portion of such weather, i had made plans to head over to a friend’s house in the opposite direction of the storm. as i was driving away from my town, it literally went from a pitch black sky to a sunny afternoon within seconds. the change was so abrupt that i felt disconcerted for several miles and i kept looking in my rearview mirror at pouring rain and ominous clouds, then looking ahead to a bright sun and dry highway. weather amazes me to no end.


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