365 :: july 8, 2010

18 Jul

july 8, 2010. i’ve always wanted to live in a little town filled to the brim with local haunts, the kind which each generation thinks they have discovered for the first time (i am, of course, totally picturing stars hollow from gilmore girls). as a child, and even now to some extent, i wanted to live in my grandparents’ and my parents’ hometown, a small community southwest of detroit called flat rock, filled with just such places. i wanted to go to the same burger diners that my grandfather took my father to, the fabric and notion shops my grandmother shopped at, the high school my aunts and uncles attended.

in my mind, there’s always a classic diner residing in such towns. a diner that serves burgers, breakfast, shakes, and french fries. and also greek food, specifically gyros. so imagine my happiness at the opening of a cute little casual cafe in my town whose speciality is homemade gyros. i went with a co-worker for lunch and we both agreed the meat was deliciously tender and tasteful beyond words. and for a minute, i felt like i was in stars hollow.

(not really, of course, but i had to end with something sentimental, right?)


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