thrift love thursday :: 07.08.2010

8 Jul

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i found this cute musical bank a few years ago at an antqiue store and, while at $10.00 it may not have been exactly thrifty, i love it. it plays happy days are here again and the little couple and the car bounce from side to side down the road.

this was actually the first antique-y thing i bought for my apartment and, color-wise, it had a big influence on everything i bought after that. i am in love with brick red and aged teal together. add in a bit of orange, yellow, green, and, oddly enough, pink, and you have my favorite color scheme.


though these spice shakers aren’t in the best of shape (the stoppers are either missing or rolling around the inside and there is some serious crazing going on), i smiled as soon as i saw them taped together on the thrift store shelf and considered it a lucky find. i’m a sucker for things that look like they’re from the 1930s or 1940s – my favorite design decades.

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*tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel


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