365 :: june 30, 2010

8 Jul

june 30, 2010. i have a problem. i stay up way too late, which inevitably leads to waking up way too late and missing breakfast in my haste to get ready for work. i’m not much of a breakfast person and, to be honest, the thought of milk or eggs in the morning makes my stomach queasy, but still. i hear it’s the most important meal of the day.

i’m making an effort to get to bed earlier (in bed before midnight) and to get out of bed earlier. the getting out of bed earlier is a bit tricky, as i loathe waking up – it almost always is the worst part of my day. i literally said something very obscene to my alarm clock the other day.

i’m also making an effort to eat something before i leave for work. fresh fruit seems to be the only thing i find palatable before 10 am, so i usually grab a few bites and a glass of water before i head out. that’s not saying i make it to work on time, though. i’m always a few minutes late, but i’m also always the first one there, so that makes me feel better, though it leaves a lot to be said for the timeliness of librarians, that’s for sure.


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