365 :: june 29, 2010

7 Jul

june 29, 2010. i don’t know if i’ve ever mentioned this, but my mom runs an in-home daycare. on any given day of the week, there will be between one and seven little children running around my parents’ house, much to my newly-retired father’s chagrin, i’m sure. it’s not uncommon for me to stop by on my lunch break and find their front sidewalk chalked up with hopscotch games, self-portraits, wobbly-written names, and colorful doodles. because she is so patient and resourceful and loving, she’s been booked up through word-of-mouth and there’s been a constant stream of the coming-and-growing-and-leaving of kids since before i was born. oddly enough, it’s was very comforting and endlessly amusing.

when i was living at home during grad school and i had to do my final capstone project, i was beyond stressed out. trust me, i threw up my fair share that week. my friends told me to book a hotel room for the week to get my writing done, but i had to explain that it was the nature of the project that was stressful, not the shouting and laughing and crying of little kids in the background. all those noises were background noises to me – i didn’t even hear them. when i’d need a break, i would come out and have a chat or read a book with one of the kids and i’d be good to go for a few thousand more words.

and let me tell you about the toys my mom has. the family room at the back of the house is called the playroom because it is basically chock-a-block full of awesome toys: different learning stations, games, puzzles, books, dolls, kitchens, trucks, vintage fisher price toys galore… you name it, it’s probably there. i’ve recently been checking up on those vintage fisher price toys to make sure they’re not being horribly ruined because those were my fave growing up and i kind of want them.

my mom has watched all of her grandchildren at some point and even my best friends’ children have stayed with her. i’m worried that by the time i decide to have kids (if at all – like i said, they’ve been there constantly, so i don’t feel as if i’m missing out too much) my mom won’t be up to watching kids and i so would want them to have the experience i, and so many other lucky children, have had.


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