365 :: june 27, 2010

30 Jun

june 27, 2010. i traded one sibling’s children for another’s. my sister’s youngest girls came to spend a few days with me while she worked (she’s a night-shift midwife and my brother-in-law is on a business trip to china). once again, legos and kidrobot vinyl figures = big hit with kids related to me.

my mom and i took the girls to see toy story 3 and hello, kleenex. could i have cried any more? i really don’t think so. you know how once you start crying, all the other worries and stress you may have somehow surface and add to the silent tears dripping down your face? suddenly, you’re crying for the whole of a children’s animated feature-length film. my mom wasn’t in that great of shape, either. i could hear her sniffles three seats down. when the movie ended, i vowed never to get rid of mr. bunny, my security stuffed(-ish) animal that i got before my very first surgery. the bunny and i have been through quite a bit together.

after a walk and a visit to the park, we ended the night with the making of candy buttons. i think the girls were more interested in tasting the white chocolate to make sure it still tasted okay than helping to fill the candy mold. which is exactly how cute little girls should behave.


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