365 :: june 26, 2010

30 Jun

june 26, 2010. i was silly. i ended up spending the night at my friend’s house so i could wake up early and go to an estate sale, in a town thirty minutes away from where i work, before work. this was silly because: 1) i cannot sleep in other people’s houses. i slept in a very comfortable bed in a very cool guest room (dubbed the fifties room, which we joke about and call the bicentennial room — if you haven’t seen girls will be girls, watch it), but very little sleep actually took place. i literally cannot fall asleep if i’m not in my own bed; and 2) did i mention that at 8:45 am i was thirty minutes away from the town in which i was due to be at work at 9:00 am? i still had to stop at my apartment to freshen up (it’s hot in texas in the early morning!) and change clothes.

needless to say, i was pretty much a sleep-deprived zombie all day at work. all i wanted to do when i got home was sleep, but i got a text from my brother asking if i could watch his kids for the night. my single-parent brother does not ask for help in watching his kids very often and, because i’m a softie and know that he needs to get out of the house every once in awhile, i agreed. my niece, 10, and nephew, 6, came over and, i think, had a pretty good time. it definitely pays off to be an aunt who collects lego sets and perhaps-too-many kidrobot toys.

i set up a little craft table for my niece, where she happily doodled vinyl stickers while i read i spy books with my nephew. i’m so grateful and happy to report that he is doing much better; for months, i have been quietly worried about him, but i think he has really turned a corner and started to open up, emotionally and socially. i finally feel like i have some sort of bond with him and that’s pretty special to me.


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