365 :: june 13, 2010

19 Jun

june 13, 2010. i have this weird thing that, as soon as i walk in my door, i de-clutter. i cannot step more than two feet into my apartment before my watch, bracelet, earrings, and shoes are immediately removed from my personage. i empty my pockets of change, keys, scraps of paper, etc., pull my hair into a messy ponytail, clip back my bangs, and sigh in relief of being home. that sounds like i’m agoraphobic (i’m not!), but it really helps me to physically decompress.

this ritual felt especially great after two long days at work, which were followed by two even longer nights. when i got home, i wanted nothing more than to put on my pajamas, cook a simple dinner, and sit in front of my tv watching british comedies. and that’s exactly what i did.


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