365 :: june 12, 2010

19 Jun

june 12, 2010. a busy day at work after a night of too little sleep led me to want to beg off tentative plans with new friends, but i’m glad i took a power nap because i had a great time. we started off cruising through my old college neighborhood. i was completely flooded with fond memories from ten years ago. it feels so strange to be so far removed from that life now: strolling across the campus, hitting up the music clubs and late-night eateries. sigh. good times.

we ended up at rubber gloves rehearsal studio, which i haven’t step foot in for years and years. if i thought i felt old driving through campus, well… you know, i am thirty now. my friends wanted to check out //tense//, an industrial, electronic something-or-other and, though it is definitely not my type of music, i really enjoyed the show and i especially enjoyed checking out all the people. i think people-watching is one of the best parts of live music.

we all laughed about how smoky the club was, how we were the only ones drinking wine (they had the tiny sutter home bottles), and how late it was when we got out (after two in the morning!). when did headliners not start until well after midnight? gah, i am old.


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