thrift love thursday :: 06.17.2010

17 Jun

{thrift love thursday will be a (hopefully) regular feature. i plan on sharing one or some of my favorite thrifty finds each week. i hope you enjoy them!}

i’ve been having quite a few tender and loving feelings toward vintage planters lately. those feelings were reinforced with this face.

gah, who could resist this sweetie? i spotted him on a cluttered shelf at thrift world of dallas last week and my heart instantly melted. he looks so jolly and sweet, but a bit mischevious, as well, which is just how all little boys should look.

i was lucky to get this vintage planter for only $1.99; i’m pretty should i would have paid much more if required, though.

his little face is so reminiscent of emily martin’s work and, at the same time, humpty dumpty. i love him so.


i’ve also lucked out at a few estate sales.

i had no idea what this was when i first spotted it in a jumble box, but i liked the shape and color, so i grabbed it. it turned out to be a 1950s slide previewer for color slides.

i have absolutely no slides to view, but it sits atop a bookshelf looking aerodynamic and retro.

see you next week!

*washi tape clip art courtesy of the awesome pugly pixel


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