14 Jun

while watching jeeves & wooster last night, i finally finished the hoot owl pillow that i started a few months ago.

this is the second time i’ve made an owl pillow out of felted sweaters.

i made one for my niece almost two years ago. i wanted to keep it, but that’s the problem with presents, isn’t it? you’re actually meant to give them to somebody else.

for this pillow, i chose colorful striped sweaters that were thrifted and felted almost two years ago. do you remember the gap’s striped sweater campaign a few years back? i’ve been fortunate enough to find quite a few of them in my thrifting adventures. they are perfect for these pillows.

they’re so perfect, in fact, that i didn’t even have to take them apart to make the pillow. the background stripes came from this sweater; leaving the side seams intact, i just cut off the bottom ribbing and then cut along the navy blue stripe right below the v-neck.

after i attached the owl to the background, i turned the sweater tube inside out and, using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sewed one end shut. after inserting the pillow form, i stitched up the bottom using a blanket stitch.

instead of having the owl perch on a branch like in my first pillow, i decided to embellish with a few of my vintage buttons. honestly, i think i got a bit carried away, but i really love all of the colors and shapes of the buttons, so eleven buttons it is.

i really am quite smitten with jeeves (my owl is witty and clever like stephen fry’s character). i think what i love most is that this project did not cost a single cent to make – i already had all the materials from previous projects, including the pillow form. i also love that so much of it is recycled and re-purposed. i’ve been thinking about putting together a tutorial and/or pattern for making one of these owls – would you be interested?


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