365 :: june 10, 2010

11 Jun

june 10, 2010. please excuse the crap photo for today. it is hot. it is humid. my curly hair pretty much wore me today. even at ten o’clock tonight, it was too hot to leave the window down for long enough to take a decent picture of larry’s, where i stopped for some ice cream on my way home from work.

larry’s is pretty much an institution in my little town. it’s basically a dairy queen knock-off and it’s been busy every day since 1978. please don’t arrive before 11:00 a.m. or you’ll risk upsetting a morning regular by sitting in their booth. my friend nathan often reminisces about the days when you could smoke in larry’s. he and his friend would sit for hours and hours, just smoking, drinking coffee, and feeding quarters into the jukebox. i think everybody i know has a larry’s story. one time, i found ten bucks in the then-field behind larry’s; i used it to buy my friends and i tater tots and chocolate-dipped cones.

and with thoughts of frosty treats in mind, i’ll end with this.

is waiting for guffman not the best? please don’t answer if you don’t agree.


One Response to “365 :: june 10, 2010”

  1. rikki June 11, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    onion rings and a dip cone! can’t beat larry’s!!!

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