365 :: june 8, 2010

10 Jun

june 8, 2010. it’s getting a wee bit hot here in texas. almost definitely too hot for long bike rides. so, i’ve been trying to ride indoors for the past few days. i moved my stationary bike out to the living room so i could stream netflix (have you seen party down? i kind of love how there’s a lot of faces from veronica mars) and pedal directly underneath a ceiling fan.

there are several parameters to my cycling routine. i aim for 10 miles a night; however, once i get to 10 miles, the calorie count is somewhere along the lines of 585. i’m not giving anything away when i say that i’m a bit ocd, so, naturally, stopping at 585 calories does not settle well with me. i continue until i get to 600 calories. then i switch over to the time display. if i’ve been diligent and steady, the time is usually at 47 minutes, give or take a few seconds. again, the ocd. i continue until it’s been 50 minutes. then i turn off the whole thing before i can check the calorie or distance display again.


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