365 :: june 3, 2010

6 Jun

june 3, 2010. oh, my. i don’t think i have words to express how excited i was to be able to see wicked, which is on tour in dallas as part of the dallas summer musicals. most of the performances have sold out, so i completely lucked out when my sweet volunteer at work gave me two tickets (he and his wife are season ticket holders and they’ve already seen it).

i remember reading the book for the first time as a sophomore in high school (can it really be fifteen years ago?); i was completely and instantly mesmerized. i still have that original copy and i try to loan it out to anybody who hasn’t read it. you see, the wicked witch and i go back a long time. i am convinced my parents made me watch the wizard of oz at too early an age because to this day, i’m kind of terrified of margaret hamilton’s wicked witch. but i’m also kind of a fan, if that makes sense. i remember running behind my dad’s armchair the first time the witch came onto the screen, but i kept poking my head around the corner because i didn’t want to miss her. i think it’s the crazy eyes – you just can’t look away.


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