365 :: may 27, 2010

1 Jun

may 27, 2010. as i was locking my door on the way to work, my (unknown-to-me) neighbor walked by. when he got to his door, he put his key in the lock, opened the door, and called to me, “you smell lovely.” i managed to stammer a very surprised thank you before both he and i went in separate directions. so i thought i should give credit in case anybody else wanted an unexpected compliment to start their day.

the perfume that fetched such high praise is the fragrance by victoria’s secret and it is, i have to say, quite lovely and very clean and fresh. my sister, niece, and i adore the scent, which is almost identical to the crazy insane good smell of the so sexy shampoo and conditioner. i first used the shampoo and conditioner in 2004 on my first trip to london. i cannot now use it without immediately thinking of the streets marylebone and the london underground. such a very good smell memory.


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