a change is as good as a rest

28 May

as of today, this minute exactly, i’m taking a sweet respite from the labors of everyday.

in other words, i’m taking a bit of a vacation. or staycation, rather. and i plan to make the most of every day by doing the things i dream about when i’m at work. i’m going to…

sleep. so much. remember when you were younger and going to sleep was the worst? so much has changed.

clean. it needs to be done.

organize. this makes me giddy.

read. there’s a stack on books on my nightstand just waiting.

thrift. oh, how i love looking for something special in piles of nothing special.

take pictures. of everything.

cook. and then bake.

especially more macarons.

sew. vintage pillowcases and my mom’s old fabric are waiting.

gocco. or yudu. something will be silkscreened, i promise.

go on bike rides. there’s a new trail by the lake.

get lost in music.

have friends over for dinner. there may or may not be cocktails and flying.

and explore.


all images via we heart it (do you heart it? i love this site)


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