365 :: may 25, 2010

25 May

may 25, 2010. two things:

1. happy geek pride daynerds are the best and i’m quite proud to be mildly (be nice) geeky. we have awesome eyewear, hold intelligent conversations, and get excited about things like…

2. the release of a new book, which i have been eagerly awaiting.

oh! and…

3. my car got broken into at work today. the parking lot and my car do not get along, apparently. maybe i’ll just have to quit. the only thing that got lifted was my iPhone charger, which, of course, i desperately needed at the end of the day. i wasn’t sure at first if i had just taken it out or if it was actually missing, but other things had been rifled though. i don’t know about this thief’s taste level, though, because he (why do i assume?) didn’t take any of my music. how cool was this guy if he left behind band of horses, she & him, beach house, the dead weather, the national, the new pornographers, nada surf, and a glee soundtrack? (please don’t judge on the glee soundtrack – i love me some showtunes. see number 1 above.)


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