365 :: may 20, 2010

24 May

may 20, 2010. i spent the day in my office with the door closed. this never happens. my office is in the back of the library where everybody comes to socialize, so, naturally, i keep my door open to keep up with all the important goings-on in the building. or something like that.

but when i really have stuff to get done, the door closes and the ipod comes out, as it did today. i had to finish designing a rack card for the local history committee, for which i am the staff liaison. in a last-ditch effort to get city funding for our projects, we have to promote our resources outside of the community. so… we’re doing a rack card to put in hotels, convention centers, and state border stops.

all of this means that i finally had to learn how to properly use the pen tool in illustrator to make a custom map. it wasn’t so bad. if i could do it all again, i would totally ditch the librarian gig and have a mad affair with graphic design. i’ve fiddled my way through photoshop and illustrator enough to have gained more than a cursory knowledge of the programs, but i would so love to have an intricate understanding and lose myself in design work every single day.


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